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All treatments are carried out in a relaxing setting with soft music in the background with subtle aromatherapy oils. Customers are encouraged to detach from life stresses and to focus on achieving a deep sense of relaxation. A brief medical history is taken prior to all treatments. This is to identify any underlying issues that you may wish to address. Each treatment is specific to the individual. A series of reflexology treatments may be recommended, this is defined by the individuals needs, progress and response to treatments.

Foot Reflexology: 1 hour 30 minutes    €45

Foot Reflexology: 1 hour 30 minutes    €45

A foot reflexology treatment involves applying a gentle finger and thumb pressure to the feet, working through a sequence of techniques. Applying these specific techniques to reflex points in the feet has a beneficial healing effect on the corresponding body part. A treatment induces a deep sense of relaxation and occasionally sleep. A Reflexology treatment lasts for one hour ten minutes and finishes with a relaxing foot massage with warmed cream. Customer relaxes for 10 minutes.

Facial Reflexology: 1 hour 15 minutes    €75

Facial reflexology is a very relaxing non- NEW STUDENT IMAGE copyinvasive facial treatment, which results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is an attractive alternative to foot reflexology with similar benefits and involves applying gentle pressure to reflex points on the face. A single treatment has benefits to your overall health and well-being, while also promoting a radiant and more youthful glowing complexion. A deep sense of relaxation is achieved earlier in the treatment. This is because the face is closer in proximity to the brain which makes it easier to connect to the bodies neuro-pathways. (For optimum results, a series of treatments is recommended).

Hand Reflexology: 1 hour 10 minutes    €40 

Depending on individual circumstances hand reflexology is an alternative to foot reflexology and may be an option for those that may not like their feet been touched.

It has the same benefits and healing effects as a foot reflexology treatment.



Baby Reflexology: 20 – 30 minutes    €30

Baby reflexology is very calming and is used effectively to treat common childhood issues such as colic, digestive or sleep difficulties, constipation etc. By observing techniques practiced, after a number of treatments parents are empowered to actually perform the simple steps as the need arises in their own environment. This reduces the cost incurred and more importantly deepens the bonding process between parent and baby.


Ayurvedic Indian face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage: 40 minutes    €35

Using very subtle aromatherapy oils, treatment begins with a very relaxing, soothing massage of the face working through a sequences of movements from forehead to the chin, including a relaxing ear massage. Massaging the face alleviates stress and can help with sinus congestion. It can also improve skin tone and complexion. Moving onto the head, massage becomes more stimulating, this helps relieve tension and improves the condition of hair. Massaging the neck and shoulders also relieves pain and stiffness and increases flexibility.

Natural Facelift Massage: 1 hour 15 minutes    €75

Natural Facelift Massage is a non-invasive detoxifying treatment which combines a series of massage techniques, resulting in unique benefits. While working on the major muscles in the face and the lymphatic nodes, blood flow is improved and cells are oxygenated which results in the production of elastin and collagen. These help to tighten and smooth the complexion resulting in a youthful, toned, glowing appearance. A series of Natural Facelift Massage treatments combined with Facial Reflexology has amazing results which have been compared to botox .

 Active in Retirement rates €10 off each treatment. Every 6th session is free.

Active in Retirement rates €10 off each treatment.GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE FOR ALL TREATMENTS.

Gift vouchers available for all treatments!