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Reflexology is a form of holistic therapy which shares an approach to health with other complementary therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy etc. This approach acknowledges the importance of treating the person as a whole, working on the mind, emotions and body realising that each interacts and influences the other.

Reflexology is based on the understanding that the body i.e. organs, systems etc. are mirrored in reflex points in the feet and hands. By applying specific thumb and finger pressure on these reflex points, imbalances in the corresponding reflexologybysandrabody part can be detected and treated effectively. Reflexology can treat existing imbalances, help prevent more serious imbalances manifesting as a disease and restore health and harmony to the body as a whole.

A reflexologist does not diagnose disease or claim to cure medical conditions. A reflexologist stimulates the body’s own ability to self–heal.

Reflexology may benefit the following:

Reflexology may benefit the following:

* Allergies

* Anxiety

* Arthritis  

* Blood pressure

* Chronic pain

* Depression  

* Digestive issues

* Fatigue 

* Fertility problems

* Hormone imbalances  

* Menstrual problems

* Migraine

* Pregnancy

* Respiratory conditions

* Sleep disorders

* Stress